April. 21 & Lesbian. Southern California 714. Lao/Thai. 4.21.12<3. Seafood addict. Social drinker and smokes menthols. Conventioneer. Otaku. Gamer. "It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool." - Haruko
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I want too much.
I dreamt about you.

Why you? We don’t even talk anymore. 
Not since that day with your car problems. 
I kinda wish we stilled talked.
At least as friends. You know? :/

Got my spider bites but the lady did it wrong.

Waste of my $25 bucks. 

I miss her. :/

The feeling isn’t mutual.

What if?

She is getting bored of me? 

I just want to smile again, one where you look into my eyes and know I’m happy. With you.

Nothing on tumblr can describe how depressed I am right now.

Never thought this would happen. But I can’t skip out on my friends for you. You had your chance. Sigh~ I’m just too nice of a person.